16 Solid Tips to Help Flatten Your Stomach

Published: 28th June 2011
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Here's a quick guide to follow and flatten your stomach.

1. Jog for 30 minutes a few times a week to boost your

2. Eat breakfast
A solid breakfast at the beginning of the day will
jumpstart your metabolism after the slow down of the night. Eat
a breakfast that is healthy and full of protein and your
metabolism will be active all day long.

3. Eat proper foods
Stick with the time tested healthy foods that have
whole grain and nutritional value.

4. Increase fiber intake
Increase fiber intake and step down the intake of carbohydrates.
You should avoid starchy foods as much a you can. Foods such as
white bread, pastas, potatoes, yams, fufu, garri, and white rice should
be minimized. Brown rice, wheat bread, or wheat fufu, unripe plantain
should be eaten instead. Leafy greens and fresh fruits should be able
to supply the needed fiber

5. Excess Sugar
Cut down your sugar intake. Sugar promotes weight gain.
Sugar turns to fat if not burned off. So even though
you're not technically consuming as much fat with these
"low fat" foods, you are indirectly getting it through the
amount of sugar you eat.

6. Purchase Pilates Fitness & Yoga Workout DVDs and perform the
exercises a few time a week. Pilates works on toning the entire body
with emphasis on the middle section will almost certainly improve flexibility.

7. Ab Crunches
Perform proper abdominal crunches a few times a week.
If you refer to the site above, you will see how ab crunches are performed.

8. Drink only skim milk, and reduce your dairy intake to the barest minimum.

9. Drink plenty of water.
By drinking water, you will keep yourself
hydrated, make the exercises more effective, and it will
help you go longer without any cramping. Drinking fluids also
helps you to better digest your food and helps to prevent
stomach bloating.

10. Eat smaller meals
Eat smaller meals at a time instead of three square ones.
Let's say that you currently eat the standard 3 meals per day.
If you break that into 5-6 smaller meals/snacks you will be
able to eat less overall, and not be hungry throughout the day.

11. Eat Three Hours Before Bedtime
Do not eat 3 hours before bedtime. If you must,
eat a small portion of vegetables or fruit.

12. Favorite Dessert
Treat yourself to your favorite dessert once in a while to guard
against the risk of returning to your bad eating habits
should you completely deprive yourself. Moderation is always better.

13. Do Not Miss Meals
In order to keep your metabolism going always do not skip meals.

14. Quality Exercises.
It's all about getting the proper muscles to do the work
and making sure that you aren't using muscles that allow
you to cheat. It isn't about getting through your assigned
tasks just so you can be done with them. If you do them wrong,
there really isn't much point in doing them at all.

15. Sets and repetitions.
Breaking your exercise routines into sets of
repetitions will help you get more out of exercising than just trying to do as
many as you can until you get tired. You should do sets of
equal repetitions. Rest in between each set for about a minute,
then continue on to the next set of reps. What this allows you
do is to work your muscles in a more complete fashion than you
otherwise would.

16. Cut down alcohol
Alcohol consumption erases your bodies ability to lose weight and burn fat.

Bottom line: slimming your waistline and flattening your stomach
involve consistent exercises. You have to work at it daily and remain
consistent with your diet and exercise.

Jake Marvis is an internet technologist. His other blogs include: http://weight-loss-tips-4u.blogspot.com, http://skincaretip-4u.blogspot.com

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